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Littlebig Road, created in 2001, is the leader in the conception and publishing of personalized travel guides, which we call road-books, destined for the customers of major tour operators and travel agencies.

Building upon its success in the French travel market, since 2010 Littlebig Road has been introducing its concept of personalized road-books in the U.K., Belgian and Dutch markets. Several tour operators in these 3 countries are now including the road-books respectively in English and Dutch in tour packages they sell to their clients.

Littlebig Road

38 rue des Processions

91240 St-Michel-sur-Orge


Tél.+33 1 69 01 21 08

Fax +33 1 69 01 16 86

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Littlebig Road’s achievements

- The top award at the “Micro-entreprises” show presented by Mr Renaud Dutreil, Secretary of State for commerce and small businesses. Palais des Congrès, Paris, 24 September 2003

- The “Best New Company” award as part of the program “Our companies have talent” of the Conseil Général of Seine-et-Marne. Vaux-le-Vicomte, 26 June 2003

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Tourist Office of the countries concerned, Littlebig Road image bank.

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Publishing Director : Arnaud Vérin

Littlebig Road is a Limited Company with its headquarters situated at 38 rue des Processions - 91240 St-Michel-sur-Orge.

Littlebig Road (SARL with capital of 53 735 €) is registered at the Registre du Commerce d’Evry under the number B 435 212 626.

Arnaud Vérin

Associate Director -

Arnaud is passionate about travel in all its forms. Holding a diploma in superior studies in Tourism Sales and Production, he started his career with a French tour operator. He created Littlebig Road in 2001. Arnaud mainly looks after the financial, administrative and sales management, even if what he likes best is reflecting on the tourism guide of tomorrow while riding through the hills of Montana or rafting down the rocky rapids of Canada.

François Massiani

Associate Director -

François does not come from a tourism background but he has adapted with pleasure! He left advertising in 2001 in order to join the journey of establishing a new business. Always up for a last minute weekend in a European capital, it’s with meticulous detail that he plans his journeys to the West, from Vancouver to Los Angeles passing through Montreal or Point-à-Pitre, and to the East on the road to Malaysia or Vietnam.

Stéphanie Bazin

Operations Director -

Stéphanie joined Littlebig Road in 2003 and only leaves the office for business trips: running with Kangaroos below Ayers Rock in the Australian bush, pacing the coast of the USA from Boston to Miami, wandering in the Medina in Marrakech or playing leap-frog in the Irish countryside... The rest of the time Stéphanie manages projects and human resources and loves the business of travel as much as business travel.

Carolane Oberlaender

Director’s Assistant -

Carolane joined the Littlebig Road team in 2004 as Director’s Assistant. But that wasn’t enough for her and she rapidly became interested in the creation of road-books. Always ready for a trip to the Tunisian sunshine or under the Irish clouds, she is convinced that we can only work well on a destination if we know it. And she’s right.